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Today's News:
New T4 Intelligent Driver

Lumascape is proud to launch the new T4 driver as the integral driver in all
LED 1 W - 6 W low voltage fittings.

The T4 Intelligent Driver caters for a switch dimming application without the need for an external dimming device. In a few seconds you can change the light output of the fittings, just by following 4 easy steps to program the driver. The selected output will then be set until such time as the driver is reprogrammed.

Product Feature: LS940LED Series

The LS940LED Series is one of our most popular lines due to its versatile and compact design. In addition to the new T4 Intelligent driver as standard, the range of LED optical selections include flood lens for marker applications (F), linear lens (L) and wall wash filter (-W).

Archipedia - Online Architectural Library

In addition to our own comprehensive online Lumascape library, our current product updates and catalogues are also available online at:

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