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Lumascape illustrates the efficiency of LED lighting.

The Comparison! There has been much written about the efficiency of LED lighting and in this edition we look at a case study using our very own Lumascape office in Cleveland, Australia.

From a standard halogen/metal halide installation to a bright, crisp LED lit facade we were able to not only improve the visual appearance of the building but the energy and maintenance comparisons demonstrate the immediate operational and CO2 emission savings with such a conversion.

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We are constantly updating our technology and with this everchanging industry we are forever updating our product literature. Here you can download your copy of the latest Lumascape LED catalogue.

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PRODUCT FINISH: 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Premium quality finish featured in the City Range

Lumascape uses 316 marine grade stainless steel in many of its luminaires because of the excellent corrosion resistance of this grade of stainless steel. However, because many environments around the world are particularly unforgiving on metal components, Lumascape takes corrosion resistance to a new level with its four step Electropolish Plus treatment of the stainless steel City Range, bollards and LED luminaires.

Luminaires undergoing the Electropolish Plus treatment go through four different processes to greatly enhance their corrosion resistance.

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