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New Releases:
For the LS940LED series

Ceiling and wall mount luminaires

LS333ANS-2LED - Darling Park, Sydney

LS9406LED Vedita

The LS9406LED was designed with a larger flange and countersunk holesholes to secure the luminaire to the wall. Several beam angles are available, ranging from narrow to wide. Also an asymmetric wall wash lens option and flood/marker optics are available. Constructed from 316 marine grade stainless steel the LS9406LED is built to last.

LS9407LED Vedita

The LS9407LED provides a quick, simple and invisible method of retaining the luminaire into a ceiling or wall cavity. Several beam angles are available, ranging from narrow to wide. The LS9407LED is constructed from aluminium with a white powder coat.



Spotlight on the designer of the LS940LED Series
- Glenn Lynch

Glenn Lynch talks about the Vedita Series - winner of a

Luminaire Design Award of Excellence from the Queensland IES.

How long have you been at Lumascape Lighting PTY LTD?

12 years

What was you inspiration behind the design of the Vedita Series?

At it’s heart, the idea was to develop an versatile sealed luminaire that could be combined with a raft of accessories to leverage as many applications as possible. This has several advantages for the customer and for Lumascape’s manufacturing facility. It facilitates an extensive family of products servicing a wide variety of applications.

How do you think is the best way to get optimum performance from the luminaire?

At it’s core the Vedita is, fully sealed to IP68. The thermal management aspect of the luminaire has been fully considered to provide 50,000 hours operational life at an ambient temperature range of -20° to +50°C. Careful selection of materials and manufacturing processes ensure the Vedita will withstand even the harshest of environments.

Consider the application carefully. The Vedita lends itself very well for use on mass to “detail” light a space. Also consider the actual amount of light required for the application. Due to the remarkable performance of modern LED technology, the lumen output from such a small package can be surprising.

One of the main advantages of this system is that essentially the same luminaire can be used in a variety of applications within the same space. The aesthetic, light colour and beam angles can be replicated between, garden foliage highlighting, feature downlight in a pergola, and even illuminating the pool.

Also due to it’s diminutive size, the luminaire can be better concealed into gardens, and architectural features. Therefore the lighting effect is not disrupted by the luminaire itself.

What lies ahead for you with regards to future designs at Lumascape?

As LED technology evolves, it opens up a lot of creative opportunities in regards to luminaire design and lighting applications. The dramatically improving efficiency of LED’s as a light source allows for higher lumen output with less thermal load. The result of this is smaller and smaller luminaires. This in turn increases the application opportunities. This is to say dramatic lighting effects can be achieved without the luminaire itself distracting from the architectural or landscape design.

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