Lumascape is a leading global manufacturer of exterior architectural, landscape and underwater lighting.

Our Background

First founded in Australia in 1991, our offices now span multiple continents, and we have a global export network of more than 40 countries, and 50 specialist representatives in the United States alone.

Each one of our agents and distributors across the world is carefully selected for their understanding of the business culture in their market, and their ability to service the unique needs of every customer in their region.


Our Commitment

Through an ongoing commitment to research and development, world-class manufacturing, and advanced lighting testing and development facilities, we’re creating a world connected through smart lighting.

The lighting industry is always changing. Through passion, innovation and commitment to its future, we’ll continue to deliver our customers the industry’s leading products and technology.


Our Design Philosophy

Our products are designed on four essential principles: anticipation of our customers’ needs; reliability; durability; and the application of advanced, proven technology.

All new designs are comprehensively tested and accredited by certified laboratories before their release, whilst all production processes are validated through end-of-line functional testing. For all LED luminaires, extended “burn-in” testing is also completed prior to shipment.

This relentless commitment to design and testing equals exceptional quality assurance for all Lumascape customers.