Architectural lighting can transform spaces and deliver unforgettable experiences, from visually stunning performance art installations or heritage considerate lighting themes. That's why we offer a wide range of color palettes, empowering designers to create unique and dynamic lighting schemes. With our extensive technical understanding of color and our strong partnership with leading LED manufacturers, we can provide precise and flexible solutions for any environment.
Our color palettes are at the core of our commitment to delivering creative and innovative lighting solutions. 

We offer unparalleled flexibility and versatility to designers with options including:

  • RGBW (red, green, blue, white) with a royal blue and 4,000 K white
  • RGBA (red, green, blue, amber) with a mid blue and a PC amber
  • Tunable white with a variable CCT range from 2,700 K to 6,500 K
  • Static white with multiple CCT options from 2,700 K to 5,700 K to create dynamic and engaging lighting displays. 

 At Lumascape, all of our LED light engines are designed and developed by our team of experienced engineers. Each individual color is carefully selected to ensure the perfect palette in each and every product variation. This allows us to provide the highest quality and most customizable lighting solution for any project. Designers can unlock the full potential of lighting to create unforgettable atmospheres and transform spaces like never before.


RGBW with Royal Blue

Creates a stunning saturated color palette. The inclusion of Royal Blue gives the ability to create deep rich pinks and purples that are difficult to create with a standard RGB light engine. The inclusion of a 4,000 K white LED, creates high-quality whites with mid-to-high CRI values, that cannot be achieved with a traditional RGB light engine. The 4,000 K can also serve as a tool to dilute the saturation of colors where required. The RGBW with Royal Blue is perfect for dynamic displays with high visual impact.

Light Source - Tunable White..png

Tunable White (Variable 2,700 K to 6,500 K)

Lumascape’s tunable white color palette allows designers to create lighting schemes where color temperatures can change. This provides the ability to create different moods and atmospheres, and is a useful feature in dynamic environments where lighting needs to change throughout the day, such as art galleries, museums, or retail spaces.


RGBA with Mid Blue and PC Amber

With its Mid Blue, the RGBA color palette surpasses all other light engines for the creation of a full spectrum of softer pastel lighting effects. Beautiful cyan and turquoise colors are a real highlight. The addition of PC amber has several benefits, including its ability to produce incredible burnt oranges and golds, and the ability to create high CRI whites of any CCT. RGBA with Mid Blue and PC Amber is perfect for creating warm and inviting lighting environments. which bring depth to heritage facades, cosier, and more inviting lighting schemes.


Static White (2,700 K to 5,000 K)

Offers lighting designers the flexibility to choose from multiple color temperatures ranging from 2,700 K to 5,700 K. This range makes it easier to find the perfect color temperature to illuminate architectural features or other static installations. The different color temperatures can be used to enhance the texture, depth, and character of these spaces, creating a unique and immersive experience.