Morpheus Hotel, City of Dreams

The incredible City of Dream's Hotel Morpheus by Zaha Hadid Architects, now illuminated by over 3,000 Lumascape RGBW LED Luminaires

The luxurious Morpheus Hotel is the world’s first free-form exoskeleton high-rise.  The monolithic 40-story structure, designed by Dame Zaha Hadid, consists of two towers blended together with internal voids through its center to create a window connecting the hotel’s interior communal space with the outside city.

The unique nature of the exoskeleton concept provided an intricate and challenging canvas for Isometrix, the project’s lead lighting designer, to incorporate lighting fixtures. The exoskeleton has many free-form structures and integrating powerful luminaires to up-light the morphing shapes within each bay was the main challenge. This involved multiple calculations, studies and mock-ups to develop luminaires just right for this application.

Lumacape designed the custom solutions to deliver uniformity and consistency of light across the entire façade while blending into the exoskeleton.  To meet such challenging requirements, Lumascape developed unique optics to light the inside of the exoskeleton, enhancing the three dimensional form, while not allowing any direct light into the windows behind.

After numerous sample submittals and mock-ups, CLA, Lumascape partner in Asia, was awarded the supply and installation contract, using luminaires from Lumascape incorporating the PowerSync™ proprietary technology. One luminaire was a 9W RGBW with horizontal narrow beam, designed to up-light the underside of each façade section.  The second was a 100W RGBW floodlight to up-light the external spaces within the central core of the building.

Lumascape has been honoured to have the opportunity to share our product expertise in façade lighting on such an incredible and unique project.